Are You Ready For a Change?

"Know Thyself"

What we often perceive as being the 'hardest' is change; being able to correct ourselves through personal responsibility and accountability; doing the introspective work, holding the mirror up no matter what is reflected back at us.

It is the most amazing yet mysterious discovery to know, that we have placed within us all we need to make that change happen; we just need a little help to draw it out. 

All About Me

Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Bolanle (Bo-lan-lay). My name is of Yorùbá origin and means 'finds wealth at home'. I decided to return to using my given name at birth recently following a deep introspection about what it means to live in spirit and truth. The soul let's us know when it's time to return to the true self; my time is now. 

My professional background is rooted in social work, serving children and families for over 20 years within various capacities; from child protection and not limited to working with families subject to immigration control, domestic abuse and mental health challenges.  As an independent social worker, I share my knowledge and expertise as an educator; I lecturer in humanities and social science, with a specialism in personal, social, health education. 


A Student and Teacher of Spirituality

Rewind and Replay was my lived experience for many years. Making the same choices and expecting a different result, lacking the knowledge and understanding about why certain behavioural patterns kept re-emerging, feeling powerless, devoid of self-worth and balance; a real change was required. The deconstruction of me begun in 2006 when I decided to pursue the spiritual path.  


After 10 years of  focused practice on the social, psychological and mental health factors affecting people; I dedicated myself towards a deeper study to also incorporate the spiritual aspects affecting the human experience. Now, after 20 years of study and field experience, I have developed a full and holistic perspective that examines the human condition through metaphysical and esoteric principles.  My professional life and spiritual studies has provided me with the skills and tools to serve people in a way that will instigate what I trust to be true and lasting change in their lives. My soul desire is to share this knowledge and understanding rooted in real life experience to assist others on their journey of self-discovery and provide the tools to experience a more fulfilled life.


I am a mother to two beautiful sons, I love music and nature. I am deeply passionate about numerology and working with people; there is nothing more rewarding than to  experience people discover their true identity, uniqueness and beauty. We all have something very special to contribute to the world.


Licences & Certifications

  • Education and Training

  • Counselling 

  • Numerology (Dip)

  • Mental Health First Aider

  • BASW

  • Social work England 



  • BSc Health Promotion

  • Diploma in Social Work